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by:MKS     2020-07-22
With their consistent quality and availability, Pudumjee Hygiene understands specialty paper and manufacturing like no one else and products supreme quality of paper tissue products in India. Starting with tissue products, the Greenlime brand covers the entire range of hygiene solutions - including wet wipes, hand sanitizer products, soap and tissue dispensers, bathroom tissues, paper hand towels, paper napkins, kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, personal toilet seat cover systems, odour neutralizers , wet wipe products and other cleaning solutions. Greenlime aims to commit and continue in spreading a much healthier and hygienic lifestyle to people everywhere. Greenlime tissues are made from 100% natural fibers which help erase environmental corruption. Such a step awakens a sense of social responsibility among many and pushes society to embrace an environmentally friendly way of living. Greenlime cleverly eased in the use of their products for every need. They emphasized on the convenience and multi-functionality of their products by highlighting that they are perfect for those that often balance their work and home responsibilities and really need hygiene products that they can rely on completely. The Greenlime kitchen roll is one such invention. It boasts of extremely high wet strength that never shreds during usage. The Greenlime campaign has also pushed forward the idea of helping parents realize that as long as hygiene is absent from their children's lives, they can never be entirely safe. Thus, they took great measures in urging parents to ensure that schools and playgrounds stock Greenlime dry tissues and sanitizers to let their children experience growing up the safe, hygienic way - The Greenlime way. As the only Indian company with 3 ISO certifications for quality, Pudumjee Hygiene's Greenlime products are commitment to provide you paramount personal and environmental hygiene. Their range consists of facial tissues, hand sanitizers, liquid hand wash, toilet rolls and seat covers and a variety of multi-functional wet wipes. Greenlime's other products are paper napkins and serviettes, & the highly absorbent kitchen towel paper rolls which are chlorine free, making them 100% safe on skin and food. With the monsoons arriving unannounced, Greenlime swoops in to help us ensure that we maintain the right hygiene standards by providing an all around hygiene solution even to our monsoon woes! School children in particular, are the most vulnerable to communicable diseases. Equipping them and schools with adequate amounts of Greenlime tissues and sanitizers is a step that we as individuals must adopt to ensure an overall healthy lifestyle during the monsoons.
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