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by:MKS     2020-07-22
We have all seen the guide dogs leading their owners. We know that there are laws for picking up dog waste that everyone must obey. There are no excuses that anyone can use that would discharge them from this responsibility. The damaging effects of dog poop to our waters, our environment, our homes and our health can not be disregarded according to our excuses. Everyone must pick up after their canine friends - there are no exceptions. How do the blind do this? Most guide dogs have planned eating schedules and thus planned eliminating schedules. Their owners also use a training process that teaches their pets to eliminate. First of all, they use a verbal command to let their pet know it is time. They tell their canine companion to 'Get busy!' and then they begin to pet their dog's back. With these 2 techniques, their pet knows they are supposed to eliminate, which can mean either urinating or passing feces. The owner knows which mode their pet has chosen by how the back is arched. They can feel this particular arching because they continue to rub their pet's back. If they know their pet will be passing dog poop, the owner is ready with their dog poop bags which have been turned inside out. At the same time, they position their foot towards the dog's rectum. When their pet is finished eliminating, they usually stand upright and move away from their mess. The owner, whose hand is placed in the dog waste bags, will then feel along the ground in a straight line from their toe. When they feel the dog waste, they simply pick it up, turn the bag right-side out and then tie a knot in it. The next best practice would be to gently place the bag in a protected poop pouch or dog poop bags holder. This will eliminate any possible tears or breakage as well as provide a more pleasant view for others. Similar to all who have picked up dog poop, the next best practice would be to use hand sanitizer to eliminate germs from the hands that used the dog waste bags. Even if nothing was touched, this practice is similar to what we all have learned after using toilet facilities. Dog feces have the potential to pass on many more diseases than human waste. These include 11 diseases caused by bacteria, parasites, worms and their eggs. Using a dog poops bags holder to hold the hand sanitizer would make it conveniently available to the blind person. Simply squirting a drop on their palm and massaging it over their hands would protect themselves and others from the disease properties of dog waste. The answers to our questions have indicated that blind folks have used their good knowledge and practices to devise ways of doing what most of us do. They have to work a bit harder than we do, though. However, by using the same poop bags and a handy poop pouch which conveniently carries their dog poop bags, empty and full, along with their hand sanitizer, they can safely and easily accomplish the job of picking up dog waste.
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