Top 10 new kitchen items

by:MKS     2020-02-29

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Have you ever fallen in love with something that only finds out that it doesn\'t actually work after you get home?
Or do you have the opposite experience for products that are powerful but visually unattractive?
You may think this happens more often.
Believe it or not, well
There are household items designed.
Combine form and function to bring beautiful and intelligent life, and carefully designed products can improve our life.
In fact, I am pleased to have recently discovered many new gifts at the Toronto gift fair at the Canadian gift Society
Serve as ambassador with my business partner Glenn pelosso.
It can be said that functional forms are everywhere --
From fashion, furniture and accessories to lighting, outdoor living, entertainment and even the kitchen.
The following are the ten new household products that have attracted our attention: 1.
The last problem is the oxygen generator water heater ($49. 99).
Final Touch\'s Conundrum Aerator Decanter can be cleaned as needed, designed to enhance aroma and flavor while providing excellent inflation and oxygen filling.
The stainless steel base has also attracted attention! 2.
Yatic claw bare board ($39. 99).
The bare wooden board of the holder of the astrec incorporates the warm texture of the acacia wood into it --of-a-
Live blade of food safety cutting board (
Beautiful as scones or cheese plates)
Reliable non-slip underside. 3. All-
Composite polished stainless steel baking tray ($360). Hand-
Polishing and mirrorfinished, All-
The polished stainless steel baking tray of Clad has professional performance and can start the dishwasher.
The smart drain and grease trap sealed the deal for us! 4.
Swedish cloth ($6. 50).
Made of wood fiber and recycled cotton, Kattinatt\'s Swedish meal cloth is eco-friendly, reusable, durable and easy to clean in the dishwasher\'s laundry or top rack. The best part?
They are biodegradable.
Once worn, just put in the compost box. 5.
KitchenAid copper clad month-Piece Set ($1,299. 99).
KitchenAid III
The Ply copper bag cooker set combines the excellent conductivity of copper with the heating efficiency of aluminum and the durability of stainless steel.
Even better, each piece is compatible with all the cooking countertops including induction. 6. LSA Ash Bowl ($169. 99). Multi-
Best features!
This elegant two
The block bowl made of ash wood and polish polished glass is timeless, convenient and doublepurposed.
Use together or separately. 7.
Tru Bohmia glasses for oxygen ($22. 99/set of two).
The Czech crystal glass blade reliefs of Trudeau bohemian oxygen wine glasses, inflatable and oxygen wine release the fragrance, so no wait --
And no need to pour wine. 8.
Nuance swismar Penguin can ($150).
The design of the Swissmar Nuance Penguin pitcher and its removable ice filter ensure ice cubes (
Or lemon slices)
Keep when pouring while keeping the water cold.
Of course, its cool blue metal tone is enough to guarantee a place of its own on the table. 9.
Kitchen bin (Joseph totem)$329).
Joseph\'s totem kitchen bin puts everything in place.
Consider it an intelligent and stylish waste separation and recycling unit (
There\'s even a chic little compost box! ).
It is absolutely attractive enough to stay open. 10.
Padno eco Grill (Pan: $17. 99; Insert: $29. 99).
This durable carbon steel and non-
The ceramic bread plate and plug-in for Paderno Eco Green Bakeware made us crave the meatloaf!
The convenient silicone grip pad makes this a must
Any kitchen.
Bonus: dishwasher is safe.
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