Various people do not prefer to use these toilets

by:MKS     2020-07-23
Public Toilets can be said as the place in the house which has the highest number of germs in it. Hence it is ensured to be kept clean and sanitized. The toilet seats are the preferred area of the spreading of germs and diseases in the body and should be kept clean by the usage of sanitary toilet seats. The major components of these toilets are a cistern, toilet seat and the bowl. These toilets are the dirtiest ones from the residential toilets because it is used by hundreds of people every day. These toilets require extra precautions in the terms of cleanliness and sanitation for the reduction in spreading of hazardous diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases are often caused by using these toilets by the contact of the genital tract or urethral with the toilet seat which contains of harmful germs. Thus it can also be said as having sex with the toilet. Most of these toilets also comprise of various kinds of viruses from hepatitis A and various bacteria named E. coli and streptococcus which are cause dangerous diseases. However some common precautions can be taken a person for using these types of toilets. Those precautions are as follows: The smelling of the public toilets is also a crucial point for maintaining such places. As these places are public property, so it is used by a vast majority of people who have various diseases and other problems in the body. Therefore it is necessary to clean the floors and bowl with phenyl and disinfectants. Room fresheners also enhance in keeping the toilets free from foul odour.
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