diy powder coated yeti cups

by:MKS     2020-03-01
My wife wants to buy a powder coated snowman from Etsy for $65.
I suggest we make it ourselves using the port freight powder coating system ($52).
Powder coatings work by charging paint particles with static electricity so they can stick to metal objects.
I made a base with an electrical box extension, a cover plate and a piece of wood wrapped in foil.
This is where you connect the ground wire.
The foot switch controls when the tip of the nozzle is powered on.
Very low air pressure is used for powder coating (between 10-20 psi).
I read online that when you blow your hand, the skin barley will enter.
The powder coating is very soft and easy to clean.
A simple carton made a great paint booth.
This is my first powder coating and the results are amazing.
I found that the angle of the sprayer is very different (
Spray parallel to the top of the hopper to the ground).
The basic process is: you should not cook the paint with your kitchen oven.
We bought an old toaster oven and turned on the size of it so the stainless steel cup was OK.
I called a local powder paint store and asked for a few ounces of hot pink.
They ended up giving me the whole bag they had left from another job.
We had a good time doing this and had no experience at all and the result was very good.
DIY projects are highly recommended!
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