Flip charts are still preferred to PowerPoint

by:MKS     2020-07-02
Flip Chart in comparison to PowerPoint slides are not messy - they are clean, simple and effective. The advanced computer based presentations include a lot of audio-visual effects that tend to divert audience from the actual message. Easels, on the other hand, have to have only the plain white charts that could be attached to the top of the stand. You tend to write your message on to them by using coloured marker pens whilst making every point noticed. When you write and explain side by side, you make your audience listen to you with earnest attention and build trust in you. Unlike computer generated slides that you may prepare in advance and run in front of the audience the next day, the flip chart sheets will allow you to let your people know that you have an in-depth knowledge of whatever you are discussing. They may have an impression that you are well aware of your subject and are able to answer the queries raised by them. This helps you at leaving an everlasting impression on your clients. Further, the flip charts are easy to carry. You can simply fold them flat and carry them single handily to the place you want to. Projector screens or PowerPoint slides need to be uninstalled before you get to transfer them to the desired place whereas easels are no installed anywhere. They have got loop legs, tripod stand or five star base castor stand, which ensure easy mobility. You can simply drag them from one room to another. Finally, flip charts are economical as they are offered at reasonable prices at online stores (that too in a wide variety). Projector screens, which are required to run PowerPoint slides, plus computer cost you so much funds. Plus they need power supply to be run. Easel charts are run without power supply and do not accompany cable wires with them making it easier and worry free.
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