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by:MKS     2020-07-03
High speed internet is considered to be high speed if it operates at a speed greater than 56kbps. This is the maximum speed that dial up can handle and anything higher than that is high speed. This is often not the case in many rural regions where the speeds are still excruciatingly slow and can be between 28 and 40kbps. At this speed, there is no way users can get on many of today's graphic rich websites. To be truly high speed, many connections will operate around 300kbps which is ten to one hundred times faster than a 33kbps dial up connection. The speeds will ultimately depend on technology and which type of service is chosen, but it will be compatible with graphics and video located on today's internet. There are numerous advantages to higher speed internet services including the fact that it is always on. As soon as you boot up your computer, you will have the internet right at your fingertips. In addition, you won't have to tie up a phone line or install a second one in order to get online. There are numerous internet options for those living in rural communities including fixed wireless service. This is usually available on a community to community basis and uses a 2.4 gigahertz radio signal to connect subscribers who live within a four to six mile radius of an antenna. The download speeds are about 300kbps to 3mbps depending on the provider. The cost is generally good at $40-50 per month with an additional instillation cost. Rural internet users can also choose to subscribe to satellite internet service. As long as you have a clear view to the southern sky, you can get service no matter where you live. There are numerous companies that provide service and the speeds are between 300 and 500kbps for a basic plan. The monthly cost is about $70, but it can be expensive to have the system installed. However, there are generally special offers which can help to substantially reduce the initial cost. A digital subscriber line also known as DSL is possible in some rural regions. This system uses the same telephone line that you would use to make a phone call to grant you access to the internet. Many companies have installed hubs in rural regions to help make this service possible to those in the country. Costs are generally about $35-50 per month and the speeds are between 400kbps to 1.5mbps.
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