\'fun little\' bluetooth headset has tiny controls

by:MKS     2020-02-27
When the Jabra bt1 60 came out last year, we praised it as one of the first Bluetooth headsets with a swap cover design.
Of course, it won\'t add anything to its functionality or performance, but it\'s a great touch for those who are passionate about personalizing their gadgets.
Jabra has released its successor, called bt3010.
The BT3010 features and sound quality almost the same as the bt1 60, but its design is slightly different, with up to 33 different design covers included in the package.
You can even design your own cover by visiting Jabra. com.
However, we are not satisfied with the slight control.
If you don\'t mind these minor drawbacks, the Jabra BT3010 is a fun little Bluetooth headset with a sound quality that can be passed for about $29. 99.
In addition to the interchanged housing design, the BT3010 looks like a normal Bluetooth headset. Measuring 2.
0 inch long by 0.
9 inch wide by 0.
4 inch thick, BT3010 has a very simple whole
Black plastic case.
The front cover is transparent and you can remove it to replace the design panel.
Three buttons on the top of the design cover-
The multi-function button in the middle and the two volume buttons on both sides.
We think these three buttons are a little too small for us, even though they are all high enough above the surface of the headset.
The two volume buttons are particularly small.
The LED indicator also comes with a multi-function button.
Turn on the headphones and you will find a simple rubber headset and an optional ear hook.
We found the headphones a bit loose in our ears, so we needed the ear hook to keep it in place.
The ear hook can be rotated to fit any ear.
However, we are disappointed that the ear hook is not as flexible as it is on other Jabra headphones (such as bt125.
The headset itself is comfortably installed inside the ear folds outside the ear.
However, this is not the most comfortable headset we have ever worn, but it is good enough for a short period of time.
We tested Jabra BT3010 with RIM BlackBerry Pearl.
The quality of the call is good, but nothing special.
The caller reported that our voice sounded a bit low with some hiss and static in the background.
They can still hear us, but only in a quieter environment, like in the car or in the office.
For us, we can hear their voice without any problem, although it is more distorted in noisy situations.
Other features of BT3010 include regular answering, ending and rejecting calls, last number redial, voice dialing support, call waiting, three-
Party call, and the ability to transfer the call from the headset to the phone, and vice versa.
The BT3010 is also equipped with a carrying belt.
The rated call time is 8 hours and the rated standby time is 12 hours. 5 days.
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