How to Use an electrical box extension

by:MKS     2020-02-27
This is a video tutorial in the home and garden categories in which you will learn how to extend using the electric box.
Bob Schmidt shows how to use the electric box extension during the transformation process;
When dry walls, tiles, or wood are added to an existing surface.
To do this, you need a PVC box extension that is designed to fit the box that is already embedded in the wall.
It sticks out from the wall, which will cover a tile or dry wall.
Disconnect the power supply to the plug point, disconnect the plug and put it back into the wall socket.
Place the new surface on the wall, pull the plug out of the socket, slide the box over to the fixture, and secure it in place with 2 \"extension screws.
After that, re-open the plug and you are done.
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