The antiseptic agent is an ingredient that either kills

by:MKS     2020-07-23
Chlorhexidine base is an important intermediate. The chemical has pronounced anti-bacterial properties. The use varies in vast group such as Disinfectants, Mouthwash, insecticides, Medicines, health care products and also products. This product is in use worldwide . The salts are widely popular; some of them being Chlorhexidine Gluconate in 20 % concentration, Chlorhexidine Acetate,Chlorhexidine Hydrochloride and such others to name a few. Chlorhexidine Base is a useful chemical with Molecular formula C22H30Cl2N10 with the molecular weight of 505.446 g/Mol. It is available as a white powder, with a pleasant smell, and precise pH value. It has high melting point of 1320 C . The normal common impurity being para- amino aniline not more than 100ppm and heavy metal not more than 20ppm, with purity standard not less than 98% w/w. The suppliers of this chemical are plenty and are spread in Asia and Europe. The wide use of this ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry has made this popular. Chlorhexidine Hydrochloride is coupled with other antibacterials to be used as disinfectants. It is used in sprays, in sanitized cleaning liquid, as antiseptic liquid,Gauze dressing with B.P. Standards, hand soaps, in bath towels , disposable towels as well as wipe napkins for babies and travelers along with biodegradable towels. Chlorhexidine base having high disinfectant antibacterial properties has been a prime choice in female hygiene. Thus, it is used in gynecological clinics and hospitals. The external genitalia being most common sight for microbial growth, chlorhexidine becomes handy in keeping microbial count in check. It is popularly used as swabs , liquid disinfectant, also hand sanitizer, and general cleaner. It is pleasant to smell and a very useful disinfectant. It is used in Mouthwash popularly due to high antibacterial quality and pleasant smell. As it does not have high rotational quality, in many ophthalmic cases, it is found as an effective contact lens solution. Chlorhexidine in its salt form is used as a safe antiseptic to apply for prevention of body infection, or in dentistry. It is also useful as oral rinse mouthwash, mouth ulcers, Sore gums and preventing plaque on teeth. The form in which it is used are gluconate or Hydrochloride may be with cetrimide. It is quite commonly used in association with cetrimide in shampoo or treating skin ailments. Chlorhexidine may be coupled with menthol and camphor to be used in inhalers. There are a number of manufacturers who manufacturer and supply this chemical, also known as Hexicare. The end product always complies with the international standards to guarantee the effectiveness as anti septic and its tolerance on skin and other body parts. Overall Chlorhexidine is an omnipotent that is an useful antibacterial disinfectant.
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