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by:MKS     2020-07-06
These ties are also known as zip ties or tie-wrap. Basically, they are fasteners used to bind several electronic wires or cables together in order to organise them. The most popular tie consists of a sturdy nylon tape with an integrated gear rack. On one end there is a ratchet mechanism within a small open case. When the pointed tip of the tie is pulled through the case and past the ratchet, it can no longer be pulled back. This resulting loop can only be pulled tighter. This allows several ties to be tied together into a cable tree, or even as makeshift handcuffs such as in the Panama, U.K., U.S.A., and Belgium. Specifically constructed physical restraints based on this design are called PlastiCuffs. Before buying a tie, you need to focus on what your need it. Are they for a manufacturing business? Garbage bags? Computer accessories? This will determine what kind of cable tie you need to buy. Self-locking stainless steel tied are used in aircraft and vehicle engines, black cable ties are used very often for outdoor purposes, and self-adhesive tie mounts are used for sticking on clean surfaces. Tefzel ties are used in a radiation emitting environment. For computer equipment, tiny ties are required. The quantity and type of ties need to be considered according to how you plan on using them. A tie can be found easily through various websites where they are sold in bulk. On these websites, a wide array of cable tie choice can get confusing. Some are non-corrosive, some can withstand extreme temperatures, and some can be reused. Due to the unique design and features of these new varieties, some websites may offer free samples (excluding shipping) which you should take advantage of. The ties can even be produced in different colours if needed, such as standard ties, extra heavy duty ties, nylon ties, releasable ties, etc. Some websites go as far as to demonstrate how to use the ties. For example, to learn how to use wiring ducts, some buyers may need to see pictures of them as they are unusual in design. Companies often take less than a week to deliver such ties. Most often the ties will arrive within two to three days, however it all depends on how close you are to the company. Due to the availability of these items, they are available at very cheap prices, so even if you somehow bought the wrong ties you won't have burnt a hole in your pocket.
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