Virgo - Personality Overview

by:MKS     2020-07-03
Those born under the star sign Virgo, unlike their symbol the virgin, are not simple folks by any means. These complex characters have hearts of gold and refined tastes. They are sophisticates indeed, enjoying quality and refinement in all areas of life. It may appear, at first, rather bemusing that these generous souls seem to have few friends and a narrow social circle but upon investigation, it becomes apparent that quality rules here too. A Virgoan's friends will be friends in need and friends indeed. Perhaps, when looking at art, the symbol of the virgin seems more fitting for those born under this sun sign. They love all things classic and classical. The virgo home tends to be neutral, light and airy, perhaps a little dull, but with furniture and fittings that cost a small fortune and would last a lifetime if they'd only keep them that long! Virgoans are scrupulously neat and tidy individuals who will have a place for everything and everything will, invariably, be in its place. A Virgo will rarely dress ostentatiously but everything that adorns their person and their home will be of the very highest quality. Those earrings will be real diamonds. Those cufflinks will be real gold. The rest of us have Virgoans to thank every time we find a piece of beautifully crafted furniture, designer suit or outfit in a second hand store - as much as they love quality there is a competitive streak in every Virgo lady and gentleman making them feel impelled to keep up with the Joneses. If the neighbour across the road has a new sofa you can bet your Virgo belle or beau will demand a new one, handmade, from Italy and invite all the neighbours around to admire it (though be filled with dread should anyone dare to sit on it). Virgoans are driven by ambition and can be rather single minded status seekers. On the positive side this makes them fiercely determined individuals and a great ally to have in your corner. Conversely, they can be ruthless, jealous to crippling degrees especially when material wealth is concerned. 'I want it now' could be a Virgo mantra and it is not uncommon to find you Virgo lovely has maxed out every credit card to get what he or she wants. These are not patient creatures. On the other hand, a Virgoan is generous to a fault and can't bear to see others in need. As parents they are apt to spoil their children but it is as a parent you see the fiercely loyal and fun loving side of these characters. A Virgo loves a good giggle! Virgo - The Romantic Approach Wooing a Virgo is no mean feat. 'I want it now,' remember? Playing cat and mouse will soon lead to your lovely losing interest and these warm and funny people may be the virgins of astrology but they are worldly wise and will know how to have a new quarry eating out of the palm of their hand in no time. Stand out from the crowd. Think quality. If the Virgo upon whom you have your heart set wants a gin and tonic be sure you order Tanqueray, and make sure they hear you do so, sometimes the Virgo palette isn't as well developed as they would like to think. Bighearted Virgo is a family man or woman. Be open and ready to meet the family early on - they play an enormous part in your darling's life. Not just mum and dad. That little crowd you saw your Virgo with when your eyes met across a crowded room? You can bet there was a brother, sister and/or cousin or two in that group. Virgoans have a great sense of humour so consider comedies for cinema dates or even a comedy club or show. Forget dramas and thrillers, these lovelies love a happy ending. They are sensitive souls. Make sure you catch an early movie as your Virgo will love nothing more than to go for a drink or dinner and discuss what you've watched together. Guaranteed, your vivacious Virgo will be more entertaining than any comedian or feature film and will soon have you in stitches. Foster an air of intimacy by sharing your day. Your Virgo will want to know everything about you and if you can throw in a little gossip now and again you will surely win their affection. Virgo - The Perfect Present When buying a gift for you virgo love, it can't be stressed enough, go for quality items. You're lovely will spot it and appreciate it. He or she would rather a demi bottle of champagne to a crateful of cava. Fine fabrics will appeal to a Virgo's sensuous side: a cashmere shawl or sweater at Christmas rather than a chunky cable knit jumper; silk undies and lingerie rather than cotton. If you can afford designer ones - then so much the better. Virgoans love fine fragrances especially classic ones such as rose heavy scents for ladies and woody, cedar scents for gentlemen. If you are considering buying jewellery for you Virgo partner then you must go for the real thing. However pretty or well made - even if it has a designer name attached - a Virgo lady will not wear or be impressed by a cubic zirconia laden necklace. Save your money or invest in a simple chain. Thinking of buying a Virgo man a tie? It simply must be silk and not at all gaudy. A novelty tie could be the death of a budding relationship! Virgoans of both sexes love good food. Order a hamper from an exclusive store and take your love on a romantic picnic. Indulge your darling with fine wines and if you are looking for an activity to do together a wine appreciation course will be right up their street so long as there's plenty of tasting involved. Generosity is one of Virgo's best traits and one they value highly in others. Your Virgo will love you forever if, on those big occasions such as Christmas, you buy a little something (even if it is just a card that clearly doesn't come from a pack) for their nearest and dearest or remember to send a card for birthdays.
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