Have you ever heard about juicy couture before?

by:MKS     2020-07-20
Actually, Juicy Couture is a West Coast fashion company selling its lines of modern casual and sports clothing and accessories. There lines have a perfect touch of class and style. The Juicy name became popular when Hollywood celebrities began wearing their clothes and carrying their bags. With the popularity of their line came the rush of cheap fakes. So when you go shopping for your first Juicy Handbag be careful and look for the following pitfalls. I will show you the important thing when buy your ideal juicy couture. First, when purchasing a Juicy Bag, look for dark not very glossy leather. The leather is softer and thinner cheaper bags are made of thicker rougher leather. Secondly, you should look inside the bag and check to see if the lining is soft cotton. If it has a cheap synthetic lining that is not smooth and flexible, it is probably a fake. Next, take a look at the stitching on the bag see if it has been done cleanly and with an even stitch. If the bag looks like it has been rushed through the machines it probably is a fake. Lastly, if the bag seems to be too cheap it probably is a fake. Remember a high quality bag takes fine quality materials and workmanship and cannot be sold cheaply What is more, the other thing I should tell you is how to keep your juicy couture bags correctly. It is really important to keep your bag. There are several aspects you should know. First, put a hand sanitizer in your purse. It is a simple step but will prevent a lot of dirt and grime from getting on your purse. Make sure you keep the hand sanitizer in an easily accessible location. Brush your purse every so often. If your purse is made of suede or velour, use a soft bristle brush or a specialized purse brush on it. This will help prevent stains from setting. Often time's stains will brush right out of these fabrics. Clean out the stains as you see them. Make sure that you get a stain out of your purse as soon as you see it, which will prevent stains from setting and permanently ruining your purse. Purchase a cloth cleanser at your local purse boutique and use it periodically to clean your purse. Use a leather balm on leather purses. If your purse is made of leather it's important to keep the leather conditioned. Conditioning your purse's leather will make your purse last longer and it will keep it looking brand new. If this step is neglected, the leather may dry out over time. Pay just as close attention to the inside of the purse as you do the outside. Many individuals tend to focus on how the outside of their purse looks while they neglect the inside of their purse. Oftentimes, this will leave a purse looking clean on the outside and grimy on the inside.Choosing juicy couture bags as well as keeping juicy couture bags is both important steps. You can search more information that introduces this brand bags.
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