how to do home electrical repairs

by:MKS     2020-02-27
The correct grounding of the electrical system is critical to your safety.
Electricity always follows the path with the least resistance, which may be you whenever the appliance or other electrical components are not grounded.
Grounding brings electrical energy into the earth by providing a conductor smaller than your resistance.
This is achieved by connecting one end of the wire to the frame of the device and fixing the other end to a cold water pipe. Most plastic-
The coated cable contains a bare wire that takes the ground connection to each electrical box, socket and appliance in your home.
You can usually judge whether your electrical system is grounded by checking the socket.
If you have the kind of plug that accepts two blades and one plug, your system should have three wires, one of which is the ground wire.
Prong brings safety ground to any with three-
Wire plugs and wires.
The metal frame of the appliance may pose a safety hazard for you and your family.
If the insulation of the power cord is worn only when the power cord enters the metal frame, the contact between the metal current conductor and the metal frame may fill the entire equipment with electricity.
When touching the faucet or radiator at the same time, touching the charged metal frame of the appliance will let the current pass through you.
In the whole electrical system, conductor/metal contact is an obvious possibility and other place where safety is dangerous.
Ensure that the wire is inspected, maintained and repaired wherever it enters the metal tube (conduit)
, The position of the wire into the lamp or lamp socket, and in-
Wall cables enter the electrical box.
The surface of these points must be free of burrs, which may wear the wires and damage the insulation of the wires.
Washers and cable rings protect the wires at these different entry points.
However, the best thing you can do to ensure a safe electrical system is to make sure that the whole system is grounded, the grounding circuit is electrically continuous and there is no interruption.
The bottom line is that whenever you do a home repair, you need to make electrical safety a top priority.
Also, please do not hesitate to find a professional electrician if necessary.
On the next page, we will look at how to restore the circuit and what steps should be taken in the event of a power outage.
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