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by:MKS     2020-07-02
Now when this is been said, it does not mean that other tools are prone to causing health or other types of hazards. Please do not panic; what is meant by saying here is that dry wipe boards are a safer bet in any case. For instance, if we get to compare them with projector screens that run on power supply, they do not need any power to be run. Rather, they are easy to install and use - you simply have to hang them on wall by using the wall-fixing-unit and you are done. The free standing one do not need that either. Because they come with castors at the bottom or lightweight loop leg or tripod stand, they can be further carried form one room to another without trouble. Projector screens may require proper installation; accompany a lot of cable wires and thus cannot be uninstalled as and when required. Wipe boards, on the other hand, also offer easy erasibility and on-the-spot writing facility. So, in case you are to give instant presentation then you can always fall upon the boards made from 420 micron material or enameled steel. You will not have to wait for your Power Point slides to be made or look for audio-visual details in the presentations. The simple, spontaneous presentation will save you a lot of trouble and time while allowing you to make an everlasting impression on your clients. They may even allow you to use assorted color marker pens (usually supplied with them) to highlight important points in different colors. When it comes to durability then also the Dry Wipe Boards stand apart and secure the highest. Unlike any other fragile presentation tool such as projector screen or interactive whiteboards they are durable. Even if installed at different places or carried from one place to other often, they remain resilient to any routine wear and tear. The laptop ones (A4 size) that are suitable for young children, in fact, so not break apart even if dropped by mistake. Keeping the wipe boards (they are also available in a wide variety at UK online distributors' online stores) sparkling clean is again very easy. Just a wipe off with a piece of damp cloth or handheld eraser is enough to wipe away the text written or images drawn on the boards. If they get stained with regular use, you can use whiteboard cleaner and a conditioner to bring back their shine. They do not need any more care like electronic appliances do need.
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