NEK 606 is the European (and also an international)

by:MKS     2020-07-03
industry standard for the Offshore Oil and Gas, Ship & Marine Industries. These cables are DNV Certified to be in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001. The construction of NEK 606 cables are similar to other standards (such as BS6883 and IEEE 1580 type p), however variations in the construction relate to the insulation, screening, braiding, bedding and sheathing compound. The Conductors of NEK 606 cables are constructed with circular tinned stranded copper wire to IEC 60228 class2. NEK606 conductors are insulated with either a EP or HEP Rubber compound. Note: if manufactured to IEC60331(Fire resistant) a mica tape is applied over the individual conductors. NEK606 conductor insulation colours differ also from BS 6883 and IEEE. NEK606 compound for the Bedding and Outer Sheath is SHF2. SHF2 is a Thermosetting Dual Compound LSZH and Flame Retardant and also Oil/ MUD Resistant. Another feature of NEK606 is that the screen applied in instrument, process and control cables which is used to reduce interference and cross talk is made of a Copper Backed Polyester tape with a tinned copper drain wire to drain any leaked current. Nek606 armoured cables have a tinned copper wire braid, excellent for mechanical and corrosive protection. Standard outside sheath colours for NEK606 are Black for power and control, Grey for instrument, Red for Medium Voltage. NEK 606 specification breaks down the individual components of the cable using the key letters BFOU/RFOU depending on whether the cable is flame retardant/fire resistant. The four letters represent the Conductor, Insulation, Armour/Braiding and Bedding/Outer Sheath respectively. With B indicating it is fire resistant. If you are looking for a supplier of NEK606 then please click Nek606. If you would like more information on NEK606 or other power, instrumentation, communication and data cables then please click NEK606For NEK606
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