The process of converting solar energy to electrical

by:MKS     2020-07-13
Components of Solar Power System A solar power system comprises of an array of photovoltaic (PV) cells. An inverter in the system does the job of converting the generated raw electricity into usable electricity of consistent voltage. It is only this electricity that can be sent to the electric grid to power homes and businesses. Photovoltaic Module Photovoltaic arrays consist of bunch of PV cells that are connected to each other. These cells are made using silicon compounds having a positive and a negative side for the transmission of electricity. Metal connectors are used for connecting all the cells together. A PV module consists of a support frame consisting of many cells. Then all the PV modules are connected in order to create a PV array. The photovoltaic array has a single output which can be connected with other PV arrays. How A PV Array Works The PV array transforms solar energy into Direct Current (DC) that cannot be used for running an electronic device. The electric grid also uses Alternating Current (AC) and not DC. Solar arrays are not able to generate a regular supply of power as there is always some variation in the amount of solar energy received by the PV cells. The job of the transformer and the inverter is to optimize the type of current and the amount of electricity that the system generates. The inverters work is converting DC into AC so it can easily be used by electrical devices. It is also going to ensure that the constant level of the voltage is maintained. The PV cells generate electricity on the basis of the amount of solar energy received by them. Therefore, the position of the photovoltaic array with regard to the sun has an impact on the output of the solar power system. Solar array trackers and controllers are used in order to increase the efficiency of the system. Modern solar energy systems are fitted with solar trackers that can follow the sun using sensors. And, the controllers are going to move the arrays on the basis of the feed received from the tracker. This system ensures that the solar power system generates the maximum amount of solar energy. It is only after the solar energy generated by the photovoltaic arrays gets converted into the usable format that the current can be used for powering electric devices. It is possible to install solar energy systems in a way that they deliver power directly to your household devices. You can also choose to install these systems parallel to your existing electric grid power system.
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