Various schools, hospitals and other establishments

by:MKS     2020-07-21
We see various school districts and establishments installing hand sanitizers in their rooms, hallways, bathrooms and other places within their vicinity. We see people toting them in their bags and rubbing their palms using the sanitizers after a visit to the bathroom or before eating. However, it can't all be that good. Various health organizations and studies are now getting alarmed with the proliferation of 'magic soap' because of its high alcohol content. High alcohol content can mean flammability and improper use can induce intoxication. Health experts advise that in order to be effective, hand sanitizers should have at least sixty percent alcohol content. That figure is relatively closer to the alcohol content of whiskey. Some schools all over the country have all together banned the use of hand sanitizers within their school because of high concentration of alcohol and reported cases of misuse by students. There have been reported incidents of patients who have a history of alcohol abuse ingesting hand sanitizers and eventually ended up in hospitals. According to a recent study in England, there are also reports that prison inmates are also using hand sanitizers to get drunk. There are also reported cases that middle-school students in Texas are accused of trying to get high simply by sniffing his teacher's hand sanitizer. Of course, there are also reported incidents of minors actually ingesting them to get intoxicated because of its high alcohol content. Fire marshals have confirmed the risk of alcohol content in hand sanitizers. Accordingly, regardless of concentration and content, alcohol is always a flammable liquid. Once there is an ignition source, fire is always a possibility. In cases of its use in school, if a student who had used a hand sanitizer and afterwards inserted an electrical plug or works in a science lab project that could set up a spark could get burned. Of course, it should not be forgotten that certain alcohol based hand sanitizers also make bacteria stay more in a child's hand for longer periods. While these alcohol based hand sanitizers dry up by themselves, there are certain bacteria that are attracted more with hands that used sanitizers. It should be mention as well that frequent use of these types of sanitizers can get the skin dry and when the skin cracks, it is more prone to bacteria. The decision to allow kids and children to use hand sanitizers that are alcohol based should be the discretion of the parents. There are always alcohol free based hand sanitizers that moisturizes while kill germs. Consider using these as an alternative.
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